It is true that test scores still matter in many cases. (If you have been blinded by the “test optional” hype, I would encourage you to research admissions percentages with and without test scores.)

Here are three different ways to make sure your scores are where they need to be.

  1. Self-prep: For the self-motivated student, this just might be the way to go. Students now have access to online test prep videos and resources that make studying easier than ever before. However, the amount of material can be overwhelming. We have created this self-study plan to steer students in the right direction.


2. Small group prep: This is the better fit for the student who needs a little nudge from a professional. The student can learn content and strategy, work on homework—at a fraction of the cost of one on one help. There will be a bit less deep dive on content the student misses; some self-study and self-reflection is still necessary. We have created our Zoom group class that students can now join any week! Other options can include forming a small group of friends to split the cost of a lesson.


3. One on one Prep: This is the most intensive form of prep. Students meet with a test prep professional  and review homework once or twice a week—until the test score goal is reached. This format offers students a place to ask and learn with more individualized instruction. As a member of the National Test Prep Association, I could proudly steer families to many quality test prep professionals with whom I have a relationship and who I trust.