Jen, we have not had a chance to tell you how great Si felt after his ACT this past Saturday! All the preparation and time, all the strategies, all the tricks of the trade – he used everything you taught him and is confident he did well! Can’t wait to share with you his score later this month! Thanks for all you do, Jen Henson Act-Prep! We will continue to let people know where to find you! 

Jen Henson Act-Prep…not sure where to begin with you?? Thank you for your endless hours of work ( that you made fun) to assist my son increase his ACT score. Looking forward to Jaxon starting with you so you can work your magic and continue to help these kids test the best way they can. You should have a review section on your FB page. I’d give you ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. You’re so engaging, make it fun, up close and personal and kids become your friend bc they trust you and believe in you. Anyone one questioning whether or not this is worth it, it is.

We wasted so much money on ACT local tutors until we found Jenn. Yes- it was a sacrifice. But my Daughter got an immediate boost in ACT/ scholarships from working with Jenn! (Mindy F, Alabama)
Thanks Jen Henson Act-Prep for the tutoring you provided my daughter. It was a sacrifice financially but in return she received a college scholarship and was able to take the highest level math (calculus) and English for incoming freshman all bc of her ACT score. This saved us time and money in college. (Molly M, Alabama)
WORTH.EVERY.PENNY!! We’re saving $20k from my daughters ACT score. She went up 6 composite points, and 11 in one subject.  Nicole P (California)

“3 point increase in my son’s composite ACT score with Jen’s Prep. This was  only using the 2 hour course. 7 and 8 point score increase in English and reading, respectively. Jen Henson ACT Prep made the difference! Wish we would have found her earlier and didn’t spend money on other ACT prep programs!!! Thank you Jen!” 

parent, Lynne Brown
“Jen Henson or as I call her ‘the ACT Whisperer’ is absolutely amazing!! During senior year, my son took the ACT three times with exactly the same results each time. He needed just 3 points to qualify to play Collegiate Soccer. He became very discouraged and frustrated. Thankfully, someone told us about Jen and after working with her for just 4 weeks,  he did it! She gave him the strategies, skills and the confidence he needed to succeed. Thank you!!!”
K.L.- Florida
“When it comes to ACT prep, Jen Henson is a locksmith! She provides kids with the keys and combinations to all the locks that are holding them back. Give her a call and let her unlock your kid’s potential today!”
– Hal Bowman, “Teach Like a Rock Star” and “Be e One”
“I know that many of you may find yourself looking at options for your child to help them improve on their ACT or SAT scores prior to college. I wanted to share with you who worked with Collin prior to college. Collin worked with Jen Henson and improved his score by 4 points in the 6 month time frame between testing! If you’re looking at a possible solution to helping your child raise their score, check out her information!
Friends helping friends.”
Tammy Ruehrwein
“I took Mrs. Henson’s ACT class in school. She has a special way about her that motivates every student to be their best. She puts her heart and soul into the course and has high expectations of each and every student. She is a phenomenal writer and I have already planned to use her to proofread my college essays next year. I chose to take the SAT and I am confident she was part of my success. ”

Houston, TX

““Hiring Jen Henson was one of the best investments I’ve ever made, and I was initially a skeptic. I didn’t want to invest a premium fee without a guarantee X-point increase. Jen was able to set my mind at ease by explaining the pros and cons, offering some comparison scenarios, and really didn’t pressure me at all. Knowing my daughter would benefit more from a 1:1 tutoring situation vs a class, I decided to bite the bullet. As it turned out, my daughter saw a significant increase in her Before and After Jen score…5 Composite points!…and pushed her into the next scholarship category. Hindsight is 20/20 and I’m grateful I had the foresight to realize that contracting with Jen was going to be the right decision for us. Thanks so much Jen! ”
D. Noble
(All virtual training)
“I want to thank you for giving Dante the chance to take your amazing ACT class this past year. We feel incredibly blessed for Dante to have had this opportunity. I know from Dante, that you took great care in the classroom to teach each child according to his or her specific needs. I can only imagine how challenging this must have been. I also know how encouraging & supportive you were as well.

With your help, Dante scored a perfect 36 on the Science section of the ACT as well as a perfect 36 on the Reading section. His overall score was 34. Just this past weekend he was invited to The Woodlands Marriott to meet with the Admissions Officers from Columbia University, Cornell University, Brown University, University of Chicago & Rice University. He has received multiple letters from Princeton & plans on visiting the campus this summer. He has been contacted by Northwestern, Duke, Amherst, The Citadel as well as so many other fantastic institutions of higher learning.

Admittedly Dante has taken difficult classes & has worked very hard. While Dante has had the privilege of having several amazing teachers during his time at Montgomery High School, you have been by far the most impactful. You have changed the trajectory of his life. For that, my husband & I, as well as our entire family will be forever grateful to you. I seldom find myself lacking for words, but this time I have nothing that even begins to convey the depth of our gratitude.

We are excited to see what Dante’s future holds. Please know that we will certainly keep you informed.

Thank you once again for everything you’ve done for Dante.”


Terrie Martin

“Before meeting with Jen, studying for the ACT was overwhelming and difficult! With her help, I not only learned study skills and time management, but I was also given the invaluable gift of confidence on test day thanks to her instructions and testing strategies ! Walking into the ACT and knowing that Jen had given me all the tools and knowledge I would need to succeed was exactly what I needed to improve my score 4 points!! She is simply THE BEST investment you can make for your academic future! ”

Claire Messer
Milford, OH
“Any student who may be struggling with the ACT preparation should consider professional tutoring. Under Mrs. Henson’s tutelage, I acquired many strategies and concepts that helped me gain five points on my ACT score. I would give high marks to Mrs. Henson for her professionalism and effectiveness. I would recommend Mrs. Henson to any student who may be struggling with the ACT, or just wants to increase their score.”

William. A. Cox, Montgomery, TX.
Concordia Lutheran H.S.
Class of 2017

“My son, Brian, is an Athlete who has ADHD. Test taking has always been difficult for him, especially timed tests. He has taken that ACT 5 times and started working with Jennifer Henson after the first test. We have not gotten yet the results of the final tests but from first test to 4th test, she helped him increase his scores 5 points. Brian is now ‘in the money’ for scholarship money!

Jennifer has tremendous knowledge of the ACT test and has much knowledge to share on how to strategize taking this test better. She also has great knowledge on how to manage your focus to show your best in the test. You take practice tests from the books you purchase, but she also has access to actual tests for great practice. She is patient and encouraging. Her many years of teaching show through. Her ‘online’ teaching allowed Brian to work with her in the odd times that athletes time have available.”

Brian and I both recommend Jennifer!!! Thanks!